Discovering Baler: Staying at Costa Pacifica

If you are up for a romantic and luxurious stay in Baler, then Costa Pacifica is the place to go. Opened just about three years ago, the Angara-owned Costa Pacifica is a premier hotel and resort in this surfing town. During its maiden year of operation, Costa Pacifica was managed by the Raintree Hospitality Group, the same experts that used to manage luxury resort Misibis Bay in Cagraray Island, Albay, Discovery, and Discovery hotels. It was designed by the famous architect Ed Calma, the same genius behind The Mind Museum.


Centerpiece at the lobby



When the resort was opened, the developers described it as espousing the philosophy of “barefoot luxury.” Looking at the property, one would immediately notice the absence of tall walls and gates. The main lobby as well as its signature restaurant, The Beach House, also had large open spaces that catch the wind from the Pacific Ocean. Overall, Costa Pacifica resonated an easygoing and unhurried vibe. 

Oversized seat


Giant terracotta jar

Table Tennis

Souvenir Shop


Souvenir shirts

The Room

We booked a Junior Premier room. It was an impressive suite with a high-ceiling that provided an ambiance of lightness. Inside, there are large sliding glass doors that lead to the veranda which will provide a good view of Sabang Beach depending on where you are. The room was truly fabulous.

Our accommodation — Room 330

The walls are clean and devoid of framed photographs or paintings typical of most hotel rooms. Instead, the walls are adorned with hand-painted elements depicting Baler’s most popular vegetable: the humble fern or pako in the vernacular. To those who are unaccustomed, the young tips of pako are made into a simple salad composed of white onions, chopped tomatoes and red salted eggs.    

Minimal and beautiful


The Bed


Comfortable sofa bed


Enjoying the bed


On the sofa bed

Standard room amenities include a 21” LCD screen with cable, bar, personal ref, bottled water, coffee maker and free aurora blend coffee.  We were also greeted by a plate of free Suman de Baler with spoonfuls of peanut butter and coco jam for dipping our suman into. 

Personal fridge


Mini bar




Coffee, tea and Suman de Baler


Coffee maker


Water heater


The mild and “refreshing” coffee – Aurora Blend


Aurora Blend


Suman de Baler, best when dipped in peanut butter and coco jam



The bathroom, meanwhile, was separated from the main room with only a wall of glass. The sink was separate from the bathroom though and was open. This design further heightened Costa Pacifica’s easygoing atmosphere.

The sink


The toilet


The shower

Bathroom essentials include soap, shampoo, shaving kit, dental set, shower cap, cotton buds and towels.



Bath amenities

At the balcony


Bahia de Baler taken from outside our room


What else can you do in Costa Pacifica aside from taking a relaxing nap? One may opt to learn how to surf via Costa Pacifica’s in-house surf school, Charlie Does (

A jug of lemon water


Shower area


Directional arrows

If you are not into physically-intensive sports, you may just choose to take a relaxing stroll along the hotel’s lawn and then take a dip in the swimming pool afterwards. This was exactly what we did; we took a long walk around the property then went down to Sabang Beach to watch avid surfers conquer the imposing waves. When the heat was becoming uncomfortable, we immersed ourselves in the pool.

Shot taken from the pool area


Cafe Rosa


A banca (boat) made out of a single piece of tree trunk

Banca, up close


A hammock in the garden, reminds me of summers in the province


Sabang Beach


Sabang Beach

There are actually two swimming pools in Costa Pacifica – the kiddie pool and the adult pool. The kiddie pool, however, was closed due to renovations.


Towel bar

Despite the numerous vacationers, the pool was surprisingly not crowded. The water was warm and relaxing. We spent the whole afternoon just enjoying the water until it was dark and time for dinner.


Behind us is the adult pool


L-shaped pool


The pool was not crowded at all


From the pool, one may get a good view of Sabang Beach


Poolside chairs and tables


Enjoying the pool


Perfect for cooling down after a stroll along the beach


The water was warm ad relaxing


Fun under the Baler sun

Areas for improvement

We were initially billeted in a different room. It was as impressive as the room where we stayed in. In fact, it provided a better, unobstructed view of Sabang Beach. However, when we got inside, it was stuffy because the air conditioning unit was not yet turned on. It was not a problem, we can cool the down easily anyway. So we did, but after around 5 minutes, water began to trickle from the air-conditioning. It was slowly dripping but we immediately called the reception to report the incident.

After a few minutes though, it began to dribble faster until it was like an open faucet. A pool of water already began to form on the floor. Some 10 minutes later, there was still no one from Utilities so we again called the reception. After what seemed like forever, two utility men finally arrived. A few tinkers later and the air-conditioning was working normally. An attendant from room service came and swept the floor.

However, less than 5 minutes later, water was trickling again from the air-conditioning. This time, we requested to be transferred to another room. Again, it took forever for customer service to advise us to go to the lobby reception area. We were hoping that a room would be immediately available but we were informed by the staff that they will still look for a vacant room. Again, we had to wait for an irritatingly long time before the guest relations manager, Pettina Mae Cruz, came and assured us that she will personally look for a room and ensure that the air-conditioning was cold when we come in. After about 15 minutes, we were finally on our way to our new room.

Furthermore, we also suggest that they improve on their attention to details. We asked for two sets of cream and sugar on two occasions, both times we were only given one set.  

All in all, it was still a memorable stay. Their facilities are top-of-class and their signature restaurant, the Beach House, is noteworthy and a must-try. 



For great accommodation deals, you may check here.

Get in touch with Costa Pacifica Baler:

Telephone No.: +632 519 4249

Mobile Number: +63 917 844 8371

For inquiries and concerns, please email:

Address: 080 Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora, Philippines, 3200



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