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We finally had the courage to move this blog to a self-hosted platform. After a month or so of contemplating and weighing options, we finally just went for it. We’re still using our old URL,

You will still find all our old posts in this blog but we’ll be writing new posts in the new website from now on.

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To celebrate our move, here’s to share with you our very first post in our new home: SIX REASONS WHY SONYA’S GARDEN SHOULD BE IN YOUR NEXT TAGAYTAY ITINERARY

Happy traveling!



Island-Hopping in Boracay

Aside from lounging leisurely at the beach and partying at night, what else can you do in Boracay? If you are looking for activities beyond helmet diving, banana boat riding and paragliding, then island-hopping might be for you. Yes, there’s much more to see in Boracay aside from the stretch of white beach along Stations 1 to 3.

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Family Travels: Tips and Tricks

Traveling is such an enriching activity but it becomes even more memorable when you are with your loved ones. However, it is a different story altogether though when you are bringing children with you. With their insatiable curiosity and limitless energy, it can be a little challenging to have children along. Nevertheless, we are firm believers that children should be exposed to the wonders of the world early on. Education from experience is, after all, more profound and memorable.

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College Courses for those who would like to Travel

So, you’re one of the lucky few who, at a young age, are already certain that they want a career that involves regularly traveling. Even so, you’re still probably thinking if there exists an undergraduate degree that will allow you ample time outside the cube farm once you graduate.

Fear not, because there are indeed courses that may land you a job that will allow you to travel. In fact, these courses may take you to different destinations even during your undergraduate years.

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